Bathroom Furniture and Decor

One of the least-mentioned but most important rooms in the home, decorating your bathroom to your exact taste and style is a must. Essentially, this is the room that gets your day off on the right foot every morning, the room where you bathe your children and perhaps even the room where you take in a good book. Choose different bath accessories, furniture and decor to let your personal tastes shine through and to give your bathroom a complete, updated look.

Bath Linens

From bath towels to bath mats, having the best and most comfortable bath linens can always start your day off right. Choose from bath towels with a high grain count for the ultimate in softness and comfort, feeling like a cloud as you dry yourself off after a long shower. Choose styles, colors and patterns that perfectly complement the existing palette of your bathroom. Opt for muted beiges and off-whites, or add a splash of color with orange, teal or yellow. Consider bath mats and rugs that are comfortable and soft under the feet. Add a monogram to a bath mat for complete personalization.

Bath Accessories

Having the right type of bath accessories in your bathroom not only lends a classic look, but also organizes your space, making your morning routine more seamless. Opt for accessories done in a classic glass style, with a soap dish, lotion dispenser, cup and other sink-top items. Or, opt for an accessory set with a solid white ceramic construction, bound to complement any decor. Beyond cups and soap dispensers, organize your bathroom space with Pottery Barn bathroom organizers, keeping jewelry, makeup applicators and other items separate and organized. Mix and match accessories, such as a vanity station, toilet paper holder or magazine rack to give your bathroom a comfortable, updated vibe.

Furniture and Mirrors

A small bathroom may not have a lot of extra room for furniture and mirrors, but the best furniture actually lets you organize and compact space, giving you more room. Consider a single or double sink console to install around your existing sink, or a small dresser with storage to store your personal items and toiletries, keeping them in easy reach. Add a wall mirror to your bathroom, complementing your existing style and allowing you to get ready quickly and easily in the morning.

Lighting and Fixtures

It’s incredibly important to be able to see well in the bathroom, and with the right fixtures, you can illuminate the room in style. Choose from different sconces and flush mounts to add just the right look to your bathroom wall or ceiling, offering you the light you need. Update your sink and bathtub fixtures with modern, contemporary and classic styles in brass, silver and steel for a look that is completely your own.