You're with your bedding longer than any other fabric, so why not love what you have? With the endless bedding options out there, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Whether you are seeking to buy all bedding items including; comforters/duvets, sheets, pillows, quilts/blankets, decorative pillows, shams or bedskirts; or you want to keep it easy and buy it in one shot as a set to meet all your needs with minimal hassle - the thing to always keep in mind is that bedding and all its accessories should be unique to you. Here are some tips to help break it all down so you can stop feeling lost and start feeling empowered.


Is your bedroom decorated just the way you want? Or are you looking to add some style? If you are focused on complimenting the decor that you've already established in your room, you can usually stick to classic, complimentary colors and have more fun with the luxury options available for bedding. For example, you might want to stick with a cream duvet or comforter and splurge on soft, egyptian cotton sheets or a popular quilt in one of your favorite brands.


If you're looking to spruce up your entire room, have fun with a louder design on your bed cover. A matching accent pillow with extra blankets or throws make great accessories. Put some real thought into picking out your bed covers. Your bed can set the tone for your entire room, so you want to choose the perfect type that expresses your personality. A reversible cover is ideal if you're wanting to experiment with certain styles a little bolder than what you normally would. Get a solid color on one side for everyday, then decide when you're feeling a little more daring for that loud print.


An accent pillow is your friend and they're risk free. Try finding some in a cool shape or size, in addition to a pretty color. Think outside the box here and try some that contrast to what your bedding comes with. A duvet is a fun way to change out different styles when you're looking to experiment. After you find the duvet fill that you like, the rest is all about your mood and what styles you wish to bring out in your bedroom. There are gorgeous collections out there with many options, experiment with different brands and when you find the one with your favorite materials, see what they have to offer. This way you know the quality of what you're getting with your bed covers. All bedrooms are not created equal, so take the time to discover what fits your specific needs.