Pillows & Throws

Is there an easier way to refresh the look of a room than switching out toss pillows and throw blankets? With beautiful solid and embroidered patterns, and sumptuous fabrics and textures in a multitude of shapes and sizes, there’s a perfect toss pillow and throw to complement any whim and style of decor.


In winter, curl up with a sweater-style cable-knit throw, a plush shearling toss blanket, or faux fur blankets (with an ultra soft lining) and pillows for a luxe mountain lodge feel. In summer, that same room can be transformd into a Morrocan tea room with faux mohair toss blankets for light comfort and toss pillows showcasing exotic motifs.



These are the fun pieces for placing around your home to add personality, character, and ambience. Candles, flowers and vases, clocks, shelf ornaments, decorative lighting and practical items such as door pulls and coat hangers all come together to create a picture of your home that reflects your personal style.


Decorative Accessories

Vintage reproductions, nostalgic bric-a-brac, sentimental and fun seasonal objects—these wonderful elements add whimsy to a room. Pottery Barn offers an ever-eclectic collection of curios that delight and inspire. Check our selection often throughout the year—there’s always something unique that’s sure to become a conversation piece.


Candles, Candle Holders & Lanterns

Candlelight is the most intimate type of lighting in a home. When paired with practical and stylish holders or charming hanging lanterns, basic candles transform from simple light to decor pieces that reflect personal style.


Choose antique silver candlestick holders for classic elegance, vintage mercury glass candle pots and votive holders, matte black pedestal holders for pillar candles, rustic forge-style wall holders, and more. Aim for long-burning and smokeless candles, or try flickering or flameless faux candles that look like the real thing but forgo an open flame in favour of LED light for safety and an instant warm glow.


Botanicals, Vases & Vase Fillers

Gorgeous succulents, hydrangeas, amaryllis and orchids—beautiful botanicals bring life to any room. And here’s a secret: they don’t actually have to be living to bestow this aura of vibrancy. Faux florals, branches, wreaths and greens are lifelike in look and feel, and offer practicality, longevity, and endless arrangement possibilities.


Go green with basic spider houseplants, juniper and pine, or indulge your romantic side with roses and blackberries. And don’t forget the vase—whether is ceramic, terracotta or glass, there’s a vase to beautifully complement any arrangement.



Living in a time of all things digital just serves to make traditional clocks all the more sought after as charming decor pieces. A clock can bring a nostalgic look and feel with designs that emulate bygone eras, such as pocket-watch styles and clocks with mother-of-pearl casings. Or they can be up-to-the-minute contemporary statement pieces with a bold presence.



Decorative lighting & String Lights

String lights are known for bringing a touch of twinkle at holiday times, but they’re especially delightful at any time. Whether it’s tiny delicate wire lights spun around branches or strewn along a mantelpiece, or bulbs strung over outdoor dining areas, decorative string lighting brings magic to every occasion.


Home Accessories

Door knockers, door knobs and drawer pulls, boot trays, hanging coat hooks, hampers, ironing boards, pet beds and food bowls—these are the utilitarian things that make up real life. But utilitarian doesn’t have to mean dull. Make everyday living a touch more thrilling, and chores more joyful, with a collection of inspiring accessories.


Fireplace Tools

Stoke your love of a crackling fire with tools that are practical and beautiful. Industrial blackened-iron fireplace tools bring a Gothic feel—magnificent if you’re rocking a stone mantel with a wood-burning fireplace—while scrolling wrought-iron lends an old-world European flavour. But even if the fireplace is convenient gas or electric, rustic fireplace tools, a screen, and a log holder piled high with birch logs infuses an authentic feel.


Wall Decor

Picture frames and wall art hold a special place in an overall decor scheme. Even though they function as decor, they’re housing very personal connections and sentiments.



Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? They all are, because all mirrors hold the special power of making a room feel larger and brighter by bringing the illusion of spaciousness and reflecting natural light. Go grand with a generously large captivating floor mirror, or use smaller decorative wall mirrors to brighten cramped spaces or dark hallways while adding an element of style.


Picture Frames & Wall Art

Wall art and picture frames are cousins with slightly different purposes. For the most part, picture frames are meant to complement the personal photos and images they hold, whereas wall art is a visual element in its own right.


Wall art displaying sentimental messages on split wood boards brings a nostalgic and vintage vibe. Or choose carved-wood motifs or hanging tapestries to add richness.


Alternatively, use picture frames to create your own wall art. A gallery wall made up of multiple framed images arranged in creative patterns is a meaningful and eye-catching way to filling a blank wall. And there’s nothing that says the frames have to match. Of course, you can use matching frames if you’re going for a clean art-gallery look. But if you love the idea of a frame that best suits the style or era of each individual photo or image (think school artwork), this makes for a warm and charming presentation.


Organization & Storage

A home where everything has its place is something that many aspire toward but rarely achieve. In the daily hustle and bustle, household items tend to get strewn about—and this this often due to a lack of better ideas to tackle organization and storage.


Trays, Baskets & Jewellery Boxes

Pottery Barn offers creative solutions for keeping household items contained, including trinkets such as jewellery and other minutia. From simple trays and baskets to elegant boxes and wall-mounted systems for organizing jewellery, there’s a holder for pretty much any item.


Shelves & Ledges

Often the simplest way to de-clutter is to put it on a shelf or shelving unit. These serve a dual purpose in that they offer storage while enhancing your home’s decor. As such, a little more care and attention is needed when placing or stacking items onto shelves or ledges because these provide open storage where esthetics is a key consideration.


Entryway Accessories

Entryways are high-traffic areas that can easily get congested with mountains of coats, piles of shoes and boots, and scattering of mittens and toques. But it’s easy to rein this in when you have the right accessories. Wall-mounted shoe racks can be installed in any number and at any height to accommodate taller items such as winter boots. And coat racks can be beautiful free-standing pieces or wall-mounted.


Wall & Desk Organization

Other areas of the home that benefit from clever space-saving organizers are closets, garages, hobby rooms and home offices. Keep these areas neat and tidy with modular wall rack systems, and use handy desktop organizers to keep writing tools and paper clutter under control.


Luggage & Travel

If you travel, you already know how essential it is to keep belongings organized and compartmentalized. We’ve got totes, duffle bags, cases and other accessories such as luggage tags designed easy and efficient packing with jet-setting style.