Well-placed rugs beautify your home by bringing softness, texture, and lively rich colour or calming neutrals to spaces where it’s needed most. They’re practical, too—our rugs are designed with quality materials and craftsmanship so they stay in top shape while protecting the surfaces of heavy traffic areas.


Rugs are probably one of the most underutilized decor elements, but they are one of the easiest ways to switch up the look of a room. In one stroke, a rug can change the feel of a space entirely, especially when bold patterns or exotic motifs are incorporated. Or lay down a natural-coloured rug to enhance your existing decor and add warmth and texture. Pottery Barn stocks a wide selection of rugs—from natural neutrals to Persian-style motifs and vintage patterns. And don’t forget to look under the rug—rug pads not only lend an added cushy layer, they’re essential for safety by preventing slips.



Rugs made from natural plant fibres, such as jute, sisal and seagrass, are prized for their softness, strength and durability. Natural Fibre rugs bring a relaxed feel to a room that still looks well-groomed. They’re also versatile in style—a natural rug looks equally at home in contemporary settings, paired with Arts & Crafts-style furnishings, and rooms centred around ethnic art and decor—think Japan, Thailand or Indonesia.



This is a plant fibre that’s fast growing, sustainable and renewable. It’s an ideal material for woven rugs as it’s soft to the touch and has a natural sheen for a rustic but polished look. Jute rugs are often woven with other materials such as chenille and wool, adding elements of texture, colour, and style. A rug that’s woven of jute and lustrous chenille creates a silky thick weave that’s cushy underfoot. Jute fibres woven with wool create a chunky rug that looks casual yet refined.



This is an agave plant species native to Mexico but cultivated in many countries. Rugs woven from sisal are unmatched for indoor durability because it’s one of the toughest natural fibres available that feels pleasant to walk on. A sisal rug is a stylish home basic that lends a clean look to high-traffic areas such as entryways. Sisal is also ideal for rugs placed in dining rooms and home offices where a smooth and protective surface under sliding or rolling chairs is paramount.



This is another natural plant fibre from which rugs are woven. It grows in shallow seawater, which is where the name comes from. Rugs made from seagrass are nearly impermeable, which make them naturally and exceptionally resistant to stains and dirt. This also means seagrass is resistant to dyes, and are appreciated for their natural straw and honey-coloured hues that can vary with each unique piece.



Sustainable wool is a natural fibre, too—it comes from sheep as opposed to jute, sisal and seagrass, which are plant materials. Wool is a wonder-fibre for rugs—it’s durable, it dyes beautifully, it traps spores and dust for better air quality, and it’s fire-retardant. Wool rugs can be made with different pile lengths for style or treated with washes for effect. Wool lends itself well to rugs of nearly any style and pattern in any room of the house—and it’s particularly suitable for vintage patterns and Persian styles.



A solid-coloured rug is a classic piece. It’s essentially a large swath of colour that has a decor function similar to a painted wall. It can be neutral, staying in the background and letting other elements in the room shine, or it can be a feature in its own right. Or it can add oomph by bolstering your accent colours. A solid rug is an ideal solution if you have multiple patterns in a room—it lends breathing room, separating out the patterns and giving the eye a place to rest.



Rug patterns can be bold or subtle, created with coloured dyes or woven motifs, or hand-tufted into intricate designs like our Persian-Style rugs. Borders and fringes bring elements of pattern, and even solid neutral rugs can have a pattern in the weave—consider the Chevron weave, flatweave, or basketweave in our Natural Fibre Rugs.


Don’t be afraid to mix patterns in your decor palette—whether you’re layering rugs or establishing harmony between rugs, pillows and curtains. Mixing patterns is fun and can liven up a room. Plus, it’s easy when you keep a few things in mind. Limit the patterns to three in a room and consider scale—one small, medium and large motif is ideal. Keeping colours the same intensity ties patterns together. And be sure to evenly distribute your patterned pieces throughout a room, and bring in enough solid colour to break it up. It’s all about embracing chaos, and then taming it for a cohesive look.



There’s something special about Persian-Style rugs that weave in the floral motifs of an ancient era. Undoubtedly, these ornate rugs bring a specific look to a space, but it’s also a timeless look—there’s a reason Persian-Style rugs have been prized for centuries. It’s the kind of rug that stands beautifully on its own, bringing vibrant life to a room. Our Persian-Style rugs are artisan-made and tufted by hand for an authentic impression.



An outdoor rug is that little bit of luxury to your deck or patio seating area that brings sophistication. We refer to these as Indoor/Outdoor Rugs because they’re beautifully designed and soft enough for indoor high-traffic areas—try them at entryways during wet and snowy seasons, or under a dining table where they protect floors from spills. Most of our Indoor/Outdoor Rugs are made from recycled plastic or PET for ultimate resistance against the outdoor elements such as snow, ice, rain and sun and some are reversible for twice the longevity.



Our doormats are woven of coir, which is a course, tough material made from the fibrous husks of coconut that’s also mould and mildew-resistant. These are perfect for weathering just about any storm. Pottery Barn doormats are not only functional, they feature charming fonts and illustrations, making them a practical and beautiful way to welcome your guests.



There are many benefits to rug pads—the most important being safety. A good rug pad provides grip for slip-resistance, and are essential under rugs placed on top of hardwood and tile floors. Rug pads bring a layer of comfort and protection between your floor and the rug, and it preserves the design on reversible rugs. Choose from Standard, Premium and Outdoor rug pads in multiple sizes and materials that can be easily trimmed for an exact fit.